A pomegranate is a powerful symbol of fertility and promise. This beautiful tattoo design comes out of Butterfat Studios.

Feel Feminine with these Floral Tattoos from Butterfat Studios

Esther and Stephanie from Butterfat Studios in Chicago, USA, are producing the loveliest feminine tattoos. While subjects like flowers and birds are generally expected in feminine tattoos, the ladies at Butterfat studios have taken female symbolism a step further, including bountiful displays of fresh produce, forest creatures and insects as  symbols of femininity, fertility and […]

This fractal tattoo creates balance between chaos and order because it was created with a Julia set and a Sierpinski carpet

Intelligent Tattoos for People who like to Brain: Chaos vs Order Fractal

While this intriguing tattoo may look like a cross-section of some biological thingummy, it’s actually a visual map of a mathematical formula’s performance. In less huffy terms, it’s a fractal. This fractal tattoo creates balance between chaos and order because it was spawned by the coupling of a Julia set and a Sierpinski carpet. [source] […]

Watch Ferank Manseed Hand Poke a Hunab Ku Tattoo

Watch Ferank Manseed Hand Poke a Hunab Ku Tattoo

This tattoo video shows Ferank Manseed skilfully creating a hand poked tattoo with a single needle. He created the design himself around a symbol called a Hunab Ku. This symbol is a tricky one to decipher, because some scholars claim that the symbol was used by Mayans before the arrival of Europeans, while others believe […]

Matthew Bamber gets a tattoo of his sons favorite robot stuffed toy

Robot Tattoos: Artificially Intelligent Body Art

Humanoid, mechanical men have been popular for centuries. Even in ancient tales and myths, there are stories of inanimate statues that come to life and act upon the orders of their living, human masters. In the 20th century, the literary realm of science fiction was popularized and the mechanical and electrical robots that we know […]

This close up of a mandala tattoo by Mike Amanita reveals how he creates shade and texture with tiny dots

Amanita’s Esoteric Tattoos Showcase Sacred Geometry in Nature

Mikhail Kolesnikov, aka Mike Amanita, is a tattoo artist from St Petersburg, Russia, who specializes in black ink esoteric tattoos. Featuring mandalas, sacred geometry, optical illusions and elements from nature, Amanita manages to express the ideal that there is more to the world than meets the eye. Amanita is a master of visual textures and […]

Watch a First Person POV of a Dot Work Tattoo in Progress

Watch a First Person POV of a Dot Work Tattoo in Progress

This first person point-of-view video shows the tattoo process from the perspective of the tattooer, Marco Romegialli. The GoPro video allows us to watch first hand how the tattoo artist creates a dotwork tattoo one tiny dot at a time. You can see more esoteric dot work tattoos by Marco Romegialli on his website.


Optimistic Paraplegic’s Tattoo of a Legless Character from La Linea Animations

This poignant tattoo of a character from the popular 90s animation La Linea was spotted on a wheelchair-bound party goer at an Ozora festival. His tattoo shows one of the legless characters that Italian cartoonist Osvaldo Cavadoli made famous in his single-line animations, and is a fun reminder to always look on the bright side of […]

Under a blacklight, Glowrious Georges UV tattoos are so vivid that they look like body paint

Glowrious George Glows from Head to Toe in His UV Tattoo Bodysuit

While a full bodysuit of tattoos is impressive, Glowrious Geroge is really a sight to behold, under both regular light and blacklight. Glowrious wears both a regular full bodysuit of tattoos as well as a UV tattoo bodysuit, which makes him the only person in the world to wear two tattoo bodysuits. Glowrious George is […]

This mandala tattoo is made up of individual circles which the tattoo artist has celeverly shaded with tiny dots

Inspiration and Ideas for Mandala Tattoos

A mandala, also known as “the flower of life” is a beautiful geometric design that is often given a deeper, spiritual meaning. Some mandalas resemble symmetrical flowers with patterned petals while others seem like the mad art of a mathematical genius on acid. Whichever form they come in, mandalas have a visual appeal that most […]

92 Year Old Whang Od still creates Hand-Poked Tribal Tattoos

92 Year Old Whang Od still creates Hand-Poked Tribal Tattoos

In the Kalinga province of the Phillipines lies the remote village of Buscalan. To reach this village, one must survive the chaos of intense traffic before scaling narrow mountain passes, steep dirt roads and mudslides. Although the journey is a tough one, each year hundreds of people travel across the world and make the hair-raising […]