A horror bear gets a gory and colorful life on skin in this surrealist tattoo by Guil Zekri

Guil Zekri turns Fantasy into Realistic Tattoos

Isreali-born tattoo artist Guil Zekri has created his own style of tattooing by combining his art training in Paris with a love of surrealism and fantasy. While the effect of Zekri’s tattoos is realistic, the subject matter in his tattoos is out of this world. Bizarre creatures, humanoid figures and alienish biomechanical shapes combine to […]

Tattoo Video: Nuno Costah’s Magnifique Graphique Style

Tattoo Video: Nuno Costah’s Magnifique Graphique Style

Nuno Costah is a multi-talented guy. He plays in a band, paints graffiti and creates not only tattoos but tattoo machines too. This video shows Costah working with one of his hand-made rotary tattoo machines to create a full back tattoo. He’s an advocate of the style he’s using, which he refers to as “graphique”. […]

This cute character tattoo of a little farm girl is by French artist Noon who works in an abstract avante garde style

Noon’s Abstract Character Tattoos Redefine Fine Art

Noon is a tattoo artist based in France who works in an individualized Avant Garde tattoo style. As a frequent traveller, Noon takes his abstract people and animal designs to New York City, London, Berlin and France, leaving a host of happy customers and creative tattoo designs in his wake. His style is reminiscent of […]

A beautiful girl floats in purple and yellow ink in this artistic porrait tattoo by French artist KLAIM

The Versatile Tattoo Talents of French Artist KLAIM

Klaim is one of two highly skilled tattoo artists who work out of the Street Tattoo studio in Franconville, France. Along with his partner Niko Inko, Klaim creates artistic and imaginative tattoo designs that flow with the natural form of the client’s body, accentuating or disguising physical features. The result is living artworks that merge […]

An abstract whale with constellations on its skin falls from the sky in this artistic tattoo by Marcin Surowiec

Tattoo Artist Marcin Surowiec combines Abstract and Surrealist Art on Skin

Marcin Aleksander Surowiec is a Polish tattoo artist who brings fine art to the world of body art through his abstract and surrealist tattoos. Some of his tattoos have a distinct cubist nature, resembling an art movement from the early 20th century known as cubism that was popularized by famous artists such as Pablo Picasso and Jean Metzinger. The movement […]

A human heart becomes a master art work in this watercolor painting by Gene Coffey

Artistic Tattoos by Self-taught Artist Gene Coffey

Gene Coffey is an American artist who currently works at the Tattoo Culture Studio in New York, USA. Although Coffey began painting at a young age, he received little formal training and created his own style through trial and error. In his late twenties, after designing tattoos for friends, he began exploring a future as […]

Time-lapse Video: Opie Ortiz Tattooing an Owl on a Skull

Time-lapse Video: Opie Ortiz Tattooing an Owl on a Skull

Opie Ortiz from the Still Life Tattoo studio in California, USA, shows us the process of one of his tattoos, from design through to the finished product in this tattoo time lapse video. If you would like to learn more about the meaning behind a design like this one, you can read about the symbolism […]

Tattoo artist Karl Wiman gives this old school tattoo of an owl a modern edge by using dotwork shading

Karl Wiman takes Traditional Tattoos to a New Level

Karl Wiman is a Swedish tattoo artist who works in an American Traditional style. American Traditional, also known as “old school” is a tattoo style that came into being in North America in the late 19th century and early 20th century. One of the most famous traditional tattoo artist was Sailor Jerry, whose tattoo designs […]

A human skull and eye are decorated with spiritual sacred geometry and mandalas in this tattoo by Daniel Meyer

Daniel Meyer Tattoos – Symbols of the Soul

Daniel Meyer, aka Leitbild, is a black ink tattoo artist from Kassel, Germany who specializes in dark symbolism and occult imagery. Working only in black ink, Meyer creates both texture and shading in his tattoo designs by utilizing a technique known as dotwork, in which the artist uses varying sizes of dots and places the […]

Tattoos will scab as they heal, which removes ink from the skin.

How to Slow Down the Ageing of Tattoos

New tattoos are vibrant and well-saturated, but over time the colors fade and the fine details begin to blur. Although this process is unavoidable, there are a few ways to prevent premature ageing and keep tattoos looking great for longer.   The Placement of a Tattoo can Effect How it will Age When choosing an […]