An alien skull comes alive with living alien eyes in this surrealist bio organic tattoo design by Csaba Müllner

Nadelwerk Tattoo Artists Create Mind-Blowing Surrealist Tattoos

Nadelwerk tattoo studio in Wels, Austria, houses two surrealist tattoo artists; Csaba Müllner and ZoZo, who combine photo realism and fantasy to create realistic yet bizarre surrealist tattoos. Many of the tattoos that hail from this tattoo parlour boast bold, bright colors and high contrast shades that make the realistic tattoos appear almost 3D. Photo realistic […]

Simple typography spells out a powerful motivation for life in this quote tattoo

Powerful Quotes become Powerful Tattoos

Picture quotes have become very popular online as away of sharing ideas and beliefs about life. Some of these quotes have had such a powerful effect on people’s lives that they’ve been inspired to have the quotes tattooed on themselves. Whether it is a quote from a noteworthy celebrity, author or politician, these words have […]

A beautiful geisha is surrounded by flowers, birds and lucky symbols in this tattoo by Venus Flytrap

Glamorous Geisha Tattoos by Venus Flytrap

The Venus Flytrap tattoo studio, based in Edinburgh, UK, is home to tattoo artist and studio owner, Charlotte, who combines traditional Japanese art, manga and Art Deco to create unusual and attractive geisha tattoos. Geisha are female Japanese entertainers who are celebrated for their beauty and skill. Although the Geisha have had some links to […]

A stunning Jeff Gogue Art Deco tattoo of a pin up girl with flowers in her hair

Art Deco Tattoos give Body Art a Beautiful, Antique Flavor

Art Deco is an art movement that emerged in France in the 1920s. The style of Art Deco incorporates bold geometrical shapes, vivid colors and decorative ornamentation. The style was popular with poster artists and has become synonymous with absinthe, an hallucinogenic drink that was heavily advertised with beautiful Art Deco posters. Art Deco tattoos […]

Tattoo artist Dodie adds spiritual symbolism to this tattoo of a deer by adding mandalas and feathers

Tattoo Artist Dodie Delights the Ladies with Lacey Animal Tattoos

French tattoo artist Dodie combines symbolic animal totems, lace patterns and even paisley designs with flowers, skulls, feathers and other organic elements to create artistic, meaningful tattoos. Dodie’s designs are very popular with women as they are feminine without being flimsy. Each of Dodie’s designs contains strong shapes, bold outlines and a careful attention to […]

This colorful bird of paradise flower tattoo is a beautiful choice for women

Ideas for Bird of Paradise Flower Tattoos

Strelitzia Reginae is an unusual flower that comes from South Africa. Its common names are Strelitzia, Bird of Paradise and Crane flower because of the way that the flower’s shape resembles a crane. Bird of Paradise tattoos have a number of meanings, but no meaning is as important as what this exotic flower means to […]

This incredible tattoo of a bull across the shoulders shows off Peter Madsen's unique style and talent

Peter “Walrus” Madsen Breathes Modern Spiritualism into Tribal Tattoos

Every inch of Peter Madsen’s tattoos is crammed with spiritual patterns or symbolic imagery. As a whole, Madsen’s spiritual tattoo designs are intriguing and individualized. His bold yet highly detailed tattoos are designed to meet his client’s criteria, expressing the client’s spiritual beliefs through the medium of body art. Peter “Walrus” Madsen is inspired by […]

Berlin artist Chaim Machlev creates an attractive design for maths buffs and engineers out of geometry

Chaim Machlev brings Spiritual Magic to Sacred Geometry Tattoos

Chaim Machlev is originally from Tel Aviv, Israel, but has lived in Berlin, Germany for so long that he now considers himself a “Berliner”. Machlev’s tattoo art focuses on sacred geometry, mandalas and nature symbols which he combines to create a spiritual, natural appeal. Each tattoo by Machlev exhibits a high quality of workmanship. From […]

This geometric back tattoo by Gemma Pariente is both feminine and spiritual

Gemma Pariente gives Floral Tattoos a Paisley Spin

Gemma Pariente was grew up in Barcelona, Spain. From a young age her father inspired her to pursue her artistic talents until the young artist found the medium that she was the most comfortable with; tattooing. Pariente’s personal style bears no resemblance to the run-of-the-mill tattoo designs that many tattoo artists offer. Instead, the artist […]