Berlin artist Chaim Machlev creates an attractive design for maths buffs and engineers out of geometry

Chaim Machlev brings Spiritual Magic to Sacred Geometry Tattoos

Chaim Machlev is originally from Tel Aviv, Israel, but has lived in Berlin, Germany for so long that he now considers himself a “Berliner”. Machlev’s tattoo art focuses on sacred geometry, mandalas and nature symbols which he combines to create a spiritual, natural appeal. Each tattoo by Machlev exhibits a high quality of workmanship. From […]

This geometric back tattoo by Gemma Pariente is both feminine and spiritual

Gemma Pariente gives Floral Tattoos a Paisley Spin

Gemma Pariente was grew up in Barcelona, Spain. From a young age her father inspired her to pursue her artistic talents until the young artist found the medium that she was the most comfortable with; tattooing. Pariente’s personal style bears no resemblance to the run-of-the-mill tattoo designs that many tattoo artists offer. Instead, the artist […]

This amazing peacock tattoo across the hip and leg can be hidden under clothing and revealed only to an intimate loved one

Inspiration and Ideas for Peacock Tattoos

Peacock tattoos are both beautiful and highly symbolic. The peacock has been used in art around the world for centuries as a symbol of wealth, beauty, royalty and spirituality and has become a popular tattoo design for the same reasons. Peacock tattoos can be of the entire bird with full plumage, or simply an artistic, […]

An Oscar wilde quote becomes a literary tattoo that reads Every saint has a past, every sinner has a future

Literary Quotes Tattoos for Book Lovers and Bookworms

Literary tattoos can include text tattoos of quotes from favorite books, tattoos of illustrations from famous books and even a tattoo artist’s interpretation of a scene from a book. For many tattoo and book lovers, a text tattoo of a favorite literary quote can be an expression of their own beliefs, ideals and dreams.   […]

A sexy placement gives this octopus tattoo design a sensual, seductive appeal

Octopus Tattoo Design Ideas

The octopus is a tentacled sea creature that has fascinated man for centuries. Stories of giant octopus beasts have been a part of maritime lore since human beings have begun exploring the oceans. Although the octopus is often fabled as being a vicious predator, the truth is that they are quite reclusive and will attack […]

A little bird explodes with life and color in this abstract tattoo from hong Kong studio Tattoo Temple

Three Tattoo Artists Revolutionize Chinese Tattoo Design

The Tattoo Temple is a tattoo parlor near Lan Kwai Fong, a district of Hong Kong, China, that is renowned for its party scene. Artists Joey Pang, Wang and Jamie use the Tattoo Temple as their base to create artistic tattoos that are inspired by traditional Asian art and modern art styles. Each tattoo is […]

Amanda Wachob takes abstract art to skin in this floral or feathery tattoo design

Amanda Wachob Pushes the Boundaries of Tattoo Design

Amanda Wachob studied fine arts in New York before embarking on a career as a tattoo artist. Each of her abstract tattoo designs pays homage to her fine arts background and famous artists of the past such as Jackson Pollock. Wachob’s artistic tattoos are often an abstraction of reality. Objects, scenes and ideas are represented […]

A Japanese cat plays a stringed instrument in this Oriental tattoo by Hide Ichibay

Hide Ichibay: When a Perfectionist becomes a Tattoo Artist

Hide Ichibay creates line-perfect tattoos in an Oriental style, drawing inspiration from classical Japanese paintings and illustrations. Like many traditional Oriental art works, Ichibay’s tattoos contain a wide range of textures. Some areas contain bold, flat colors while other areas are textured with intricate patterns.What is impressive about the patterned areas of Ichibay’s tattoos is […]

Tattoo Time-Lapse Video: Wicked Sun Melting

Tattoo Time-Lapse Video: Wicked Sun Melting

This tattoo time-lapse video shows a tattoo from start to finish. The idea and design were offered to Pooch at Altered State Tattoo¬†shop in Lake worth, Florida, by his client. Pooch made the design his own, giving this unique take on a classic subject his own style. The smiling sun is a classic tattoo design […]

White tattoo ink really makes this tattoo of a cat sleeping stand out from the skin

Inspiration and Ideas for Cat Tattoos

Cat tattoos can symbolize many things or simply be a fun body art design. The meaning of a cat tattoo often depends on which culture the tattoo owner belongs to. In some cultures, cats are considered mystical, able to travel between the worlds of the living and the dead. In other cultures, cats are considered […]