The two dragons fighting in this tattoo design are positioned perfectly to form the features of a womans face

Optical Illusion Tattoos: Body Art that will Blow Your Mind

Optical illusions are art works or designs that trick the eye and the brain. Some illusions trick the viewer into believing that they are seeing something that isn’t actually there. Other illusions contain two images in the same picture; the first is seen easily but the second can only be found if you change the […]

Video of Felix Sanchez Carmona Tattooing a Colorful Phoenix Bird

Video of Felix Sanchez Carmona Tattooing a Colorful Phoenix Bird

Tattoo artist Felix Carmona tattoos a colorful phoenix bird in this tattoo progress video. The video begins halfway through the tattoo’s progress and follows the artist through to the end of the tattoo, revealing a few of the techniques that Carmona uses to add finishing touches to the design. The bright color tattoo inks will […]

A human heart and two human skulls appear with insects in this amazing tattoo design by Xenija

Xenija’s Tattoo Sketches promise to become Amazing Body Art

Xenija Woskresenskaja is an artist from the Eastern European country Belarus. Xenija designs tattoos in a variety of styles, some of which are influenced by existing styles such as Japanese and traditional. Both of these tattoo design styles require strong outlines and broad areas of color. This means that tattoos based on these designs are […]

David Hale grows a tree from a human heart in this illustrative tattoo designDavid Hale grows a tree from a human heart in this illustrative tattoo design

David Hale Tattoos the Textures of his Imagination

Tattoo artist David Hale has appeared on Ratta Tattoo before in David Hale Tattoos his Illustrated Spirit. This artist is globally recognized for his unique art style and the exquisite attention to detail that he brings to his tattoo designs. Hale uses a number of illustration techniques to add texture to his tattoos. He uses […]

This clever tattoo artist has added shadows to make this butterfly tattoo appear 3D

Inspiration and Ideas for Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos symbolize change, new beginnings and emergence. A butterfly tattoo is often chosen to visually represent a major life change, spiritual renewal or life-changing event such as becoming a parent or choosing a new career. For many people, butterfly tattoos aren’t just beautiful, they are also highly symbolic. This gallery shows a selection of […]

The tattoo artist has perfectly recreated this lions confident gaze

Lion Tattoos that You can Wear with Pride

Lion tattoos symbolize pride, majesty and courage. The lion has been used in art for centuries as a powerful, masculine symbol and as a result, images of lions have found their way into modern tattoo art. The art medium may have changed, but the meaning of lions in art and tattoos has remained the same. […]

Tattoo Time-lapse Video: David Carroll Tattoos a Design Freehand

Tattoo Time-lapse Video: David Carroll Tattoos a Design Freehand

Tattoo artist David Carroll shows the world his talent for freehand tattooing by creating a time-lapse video of this unplanned tattoo design. While most tattoos are first created on paper before being permanently inked into the skin, this design was created on the body without any forethought, following David Carroll’s signature tribal style. Carroll has […]

A beautiful photo realistic tattoo of rose flowers and a girl with sugar skull face paint by Alex de Pase

Alex de Pase brings Beauty to Skin with Artistic, Photo-realistic Tattoos

Alex de Pase is an Italian tattoo artist who was first inspired to create tattoos by a friend who had learned the skill in jail. The friends built their own home made tattoo kit with bic pens, sewing needles and other items found around the house. Over two decades Alex de Pase has mastered his […]

A stunning photo realistic tattoo of an eye by Rich Pineda with gold tones and smoky shadows

Realistic Eye Tattoos Watch over the World

There are many possible meanings behind a tattoo of an eye. For some people an eye tattoo is a representation of spirituality but for others it can a symbol that a deceased loved one watches over them still. Tattoos of eyes can also be a symbol of truth, clarity, protection or even clairvoyance.    Why […]

A soldier throws a heart at city buildings in this artistic abstract tattoo by Xoil

Artistic Abstract Tattoos by Xoil

Tattoo artist Xoil combines graphic elements, photographs and sketches to create artistic abstract tattoos. Xoil’s tattoo designs are based on the client’s ideas and preferred placement, but the final art work is left up to the artist. Xoil’s tattoos appear to be the body art version of mixed media fine art. Each tattoo is a […]