The tattoo artist has perfectly recreated this lions confident gaze

Lion Tattoos that You can Wear with Pride

Lion tattoos symbolize pride, majesty and courage. The lion has been used in art for centuries as a powerful, masculine symbol and as a result, images of lions have found their way into modern tattoo art. The art medium may have changed, but the meaning of lions in art and tattoos has remained the same. […]

Tattoo Time-lapse Video: David Carroll Tattoos a Design Freehand

Tattoo Time-lapse Video: David Carroll Tattoos a Design Freehand

Tattoo artist David Carroll shows the world his talent for freehand tattooing by creating a time-lapse video of this unplanned tattoo design. While most tattoos are first created on paper before being permanently inked into the skin, this design was created on the body without any forethought, following David Carroll’s signature tribal style. Carroll has […]

A beautiful photo realistic tattoo of rose flowers and a girl with sugar skull face paint by Alex de Pase

Alex de Pase brings Beauty to Skin with Artistic, Photo-realistic Tattoos

Alex de Pase is an Italian tattoo artist who was first inspired to create tattoos by a friend who had learned the skill in jail. The friends built their own home made tattoo kit with bic pens, sewing needles and other items found around the house. Over two decades Alex de Pase has mastered his […]

A stunning photo realistic tattoo of an eye by Rich Pineda with gold tones and smoky shadows

Realistic Eye Tattoos Watch over the World

There are many possible meanings behind a tattoo of an eye. For some people an eye tattoo is a representation of spirituality but for others it can a symbol that a deceased loved one watches over them still. Tattoos of eyes can also be a symbol of truth, clarity, protection or even clairvoyance.    Why […]

A soldier throws a heart at city buildings in this artistic abstract tattoo by Xoil

Artistic Abstract Tattoos by Xoil

Tattoo artist Xoil combines graphic elements, photographs and sketches to create artistic abstract tattoos. Xoil’s tattoo designs are based on the client’s ideas and preferred placement, but the final art work is left up to the artist. Xoil’s tattoos appear to be the body art version of mixed media fine art. Each tattoo is a […]

A super cute tattoo of Winnie the Pooh flying with the help of a puzzle patterned balloon

Friends Forever with Winnie the Pooh Tattoos

Winnie the Pooh is a bear character that was created by the author A A Milne. Winnie the Pooh first appeared in 1926 and has been delighting children and adults ever since with his sweet sayings and fun adventures. Not only is Winnie the Pooh very popular, his friends have become famous too, often appearing […]

An Otto D Ambra tattoo that combines a human heart, planet earth and a butterfly

Vintage Sketch-style Tattoos by Otto D’Ambra

Ottorino D’Ambra was born on 3 December 1978 in Milan, Italy. A creative child, Otto finished school and studied set design at Accademia di Brera (Academy of Fine Arts). D’Ambra worked as a set designer and interior designer for several years but didn’t limit himself to these modes of design; instead he has branched out into […]

The Painful Hand-poked Method of Traditional Japanese Tattoos

The Painful Hand-poked Method of Traditional Japanese Tattoos

Traditional Japanese tattoo art, known as irezumi, is created by repeatedly stabbing a “brush” of needles into the skin, as shown in this video. The artist repeatedly stabs the brush into the client’s skin to create the design, in this case a large koi fish. As you can see in this video, building up a […]

Pietro Romano combines a human skull and mathematical formula in this abstract tattoo designPietro Romano combines a human skull and mathematical formula in this abstract tattoo design

Artistic Abstract and Graphics Tattoos by Pietro Romano

Pietro Romano is an Italian tattoo artist who has taken to creating Avant-garde, abstract and graphics tattoos. Born in Torino, Italy in 1978, Romano followed his passion for all things artistic by studying fine arts before settling on tattoo art as his favorite medium. His bold, unusual designs bring fine art into the world of […]

Yakuza gang members pose for a photograph that shows their traditional irezumi tattoo designs

Yakuza Tattoos: Japanese Gang Members wear the Culture of Crime

Yakuza tattoos are a source of fascination for many tattoo lovers. The high level of secrecy surrounding the tattoos, combined with the painful method of “hand-poking” the designs and the association with the Japanese underworld gives yakuza tattoo art a mysterious appeal.    The History of Japanese Yakuza Gang Tattoos The history of the yakuza […]