Star tattoos can be a symbol of fame or notoriety. A star within a star is a symbol of natural talent and greatness

Star Tattoos Shine a Light on Body Art

Star tattoos are often chosen by those going for their first tattoo. The appeal is that star designs can be small, decorative and have positive meanings attached to them. A single star tattoo can be added to over time to create a scattering of stars across the skin, similar to the Milky Way. Star Tattoos […]

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A skull and wings tattoo design in an illustrated, hand drawn art style

Skull Tattoos give Death Life on Skin

Skulls have been used in art for centuries as an omen or sign of the end of something. A person’s brain recognizes a human skull instantly and is drawn to this skeletal remainder of a person just as they would be drawn to a living, breathing human being. This connection is what gives skull tattoo […]

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An Alice in Wonderland tattoo that shows the Walt Disney Alice character surrounded by playing cards

“Ink Me” with Alice in Wonderland Tattoos

In 1865 an English author, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, produced a book called Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland under the pseudonym of Lewis Carroll. The book told the fantastic tale of a young girl, Alice, who stumbles into a mystical, magical world. The story follows Alice’s journey through the often nonsensical world and the bizarre, humorous characters that […]

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A color tattoo of an ankh or key of life symbol with a flying owl

Cross Tattoos Balance Life through Design

Cross designs are incredibly popular tattoo choices. Because of its simplicity, the cross design can be decorated or combined with other designs to create highly meaningful, symbolic tattoos. Crosses have appeared in religions throughout history and have a wealth of symbolism. The History of the Cross Symbol The cross is one of the most ancient […]

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An abstract tattoo by tattoo artist Musa that looks as though someone has spilled ink all over this guy

Abstract Tattoos Distort Reality on Skin

Abstract art is a very broad term for art that distorts the shapes and forms found in reality. An abstract art work can use lines, shapes and brushwork to create an idea of an object, place or person, rather than an accurate visual representation.   The Famous History of Abstract Art For many people the […]

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A realistic tattoo art portrait of a cat, complete with photorealistic lighting and shading

Cat Tattoo Designs Guard the Skin You’re In

Cat designs are a popular tattoo choice, even more popular than dog tattoos (the cats will be pleased to hear that!) Cats are generally solitary creatures, and this characteristic is often expressed in a tattoo design by displaying the animal on its own.   A History of Cats and Humans Cats have been living alongside […]

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A tattoo of a bleeding heart with flames, wings and a rosary

Wing Tattoos across the Shoulders and Back

Wings are a popular tattoo design for placing across the shoulders and upper back. The wings can resemble those of insects, birds, dragons, demons and angels. The meaning of the wings tattoo depends on what creatures the wings come from, the color and pattern of the wings and whether there are other symbols or objects […]

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“Precious” Tattoos from The Lord of the Rings

“Precious” Tattoos from The Lord of the Rings

In 1937 JRR Tolkien penned his classic children’s novel The Hobbit. The fantasy book was so popular that Tolkien quickly began work on a sequel. At first, The Lord of the Rings was intended to be a short novel that followed on from The Hobbit, but over time, it developed into an epic fantasy trilogy. The original manuscript of The Lord […]

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This tattoo is both a symbol of and a visual pun on the word lionheart because it uses two lions heads to make a heart

Falling in Love with Heart Tattoos

A heart tattoo can be quite small while still being recognizable, which means that it’s popular with people who want to have  a small but meaningful tattoo. Although the heart symbol is generally shown in red, heart tattoo designs can come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Old school heart tattoos are very […]

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A colorful kingfisher tattoo with the meaning of determination, skill and overcoming challenge

Beautiful Bird Tattoos give Wings to Skin

Bird tattoos have always been popular, especially easily recognized birds such as eagles, owls and sparrows. New tattoo equipment and techniques have allowed tattoo artists to create tattoos in a wider range of styles. This broader choice also applies to the variety of birds that people are having tattooed into their skin.    The Meaning […]

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