Javi Wolf gives his client a beautiful and symbolic watercolor tattoo of a guitar with a treble clef

Wear a Piece of Living Art with a Javi Wolf Tattoo

Javi Wolf is a tattoo artist working out of Mexico City. He creates vibrant, colorful tattoos with an artistic watercolor style. Each of his tattoos focuses on a meaningful subject such as animals, musical instruments or symbols. One particular design style that has it’s own different and unique appeal is his technique of creating splashes […]

Mayhem & Muse
Tattoo artist Deliperi creates a mind blowing optical illusion tattoo by simply warping a checker board

Let Yourself be Mesmerized by Pierluigi Deliperi’s Hypnotic Tattoos

Pierluigi Deliperi works out of the Tattoo Crew Production studio in Sardinia, Italy, specializing in mind-warping geometric tattoos. Many of his designs include optical illusions that appear to transform the shape of the human body; adding an extra dimension to the reality of the tattoo wearer’s skin. Using geometric shapes, such as checkers, cubes and repetitive […]

Mayhem & Muse