An adventurous bear takes to the skies in a colorful hot air balloon in this excellent tattoo by Amanda Chamfreau

Amanda Chamfreau Tattoos Whimsy and Wonder

Amanda Chamfreau was born in Helsinki, Finland, in 1983, but now chooses to live in Malmö, Sweden. She’s an incredibly busy lady. Not only does she do tattoos, she also makes murals for childrens’ educational facilities and hospitals, as well as exhibiting her drawings, paintings and tapestries, which of course, she has to find the time […]

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A bright orange watercolour squirrel leaps across this guy's shoulder in this artistic tattoo by Magda from Ink Miners

You’re Gonna Go Nuts over these Squirrel Tattoos

Squirrels are super cute rodents that have been firm favourites among human beings for centuries. They are so beloved, in fact, that British colonialists introduced European squirrels to parks and home gardens in the colonies of the 18th and 19th centuries. Unfortunately, these foreign squirrels often posed a threat to the local squirrel population but […]

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Lovers unite with a kiss in this Expanded Eye tattoo that boasts their signature illustrative style

Expanded Eye’s Abstract Tattoos will Expand Your Mind

Art duo Expanded Eye work with a variety of media. They create illustrations, street art paste-ups and tattoos. Jade Tomlinson and Kev James work together to create their art works, merging contemporary art styles and ideas with classic illustrative techniques to create tattoo designs that are a blend of old and new. Some of their […]

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Mark Noel uses a dotwork tattoo style to create this paisley elephant chest tattoo

The Powerful Meaning of Elephant Tattoos

Tattoos of elephants symbolize a variety of things; depending on who you are and what type of elephant you are depicting. When choosing an elephant for your tattoo design, you have two options; an African elephant or an Asian elephant. African elephants have larger ears than Asian elephants, and are generally larger. In Africa, the […]

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Watch this Artist Speed Draw a Pirate Tattoo Design

Dark Design Graphics shows us the artistic process that went into designing this pirate ship and mermaids tattoo. This is great inspiration for all artistic folks, not just tattoo artists. However, note how the artist is designing specifically for a tattoo; allowing the scene to contain areas of high contrast and smooth gradients so that […]

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