Cavan Infante creates a visual image for the insult Potty Mouth in this funny trash pop tattoo

Cheeky Trash Pop Tattoos by Cavan Infante

No Egrets Tattoo Studio in Tennessee, Ohio is home to a tattoo artist with a delightfully cheeky tattoo style. Cavan Infante, who is of the speciesĀ Frivolous Maximus, creates colorful pop art and comic book inspired tattoos, many of which have a naughty sense of humor or at the very least are non-comformist and humorously anarchistic. […]

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Clients show off their fun and funky palm tattoos by German tattoo artist Mark Halbstark

“My Tattoos Shall Be Fun” – Mark Halbstark

Berlin-based tattoo artist Mark Halbstark is unlike many other tattoo artists. Not only is his tattoo style unique to him, his methodology and idealism around creating tattoos is vastly different from the norm. Halbstark works by the simple formula; “What you give is what you get”, and works at creating body art works that are […]

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Watch How Thousands of Dots Become an Esoteric Tattoo

Tattoo artist Henry Puhnarevich uses this elegantly simple video to show how he creates his dotwork tattoos. We see him design the tattoo, which includes esoteric elements and sacred geometry before placing the stencil on his client’s skin, completing the outlines and then adding thousands of ink dots to create texture and shading. The more […]

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This colorful mandala tattoo uses butterfly wings to create the form of the sacred geometry, symbolizing flight, freedom, spirituality and beauty

Mandala Animal Tattoos will Merge Nature with Your Soul

Mandala animal tattoos combine the meaning of mandalas with totem animals; animals that reflect a person’s personality and act as their spiritual guide. Animal totem tattoos have a powerful meaning because of the link between the tattoo wearer and the spiritual nature of that animal. Popular animal totem tattoos include lions, elephants, eagles and owls. […]

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A tribal dragon tattoo uses three dragon heads to create an ever moving cycle of power

The Symbolism and Styles of Dragon Tattoos

Dragons are mythological creatures that appear in legends, fairy tales and modern fantasy stories. They are often depicted as having a lizard’sĀ torso, head and limbs, with bat wings to allow them to fly. Some types of dragon have been described as being snake-like, wingless or having multiple heads. Dragons are a popular tattoo design because […]

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A realistic eye stares out from the palm of this religious hamsa hand tattoo decorated with mandala designs

Hamsa Tattoos Protect Lucky Spirits

The Hamsa symbol appears in many Abrahamic religions, and goes by many names. It is also known as the hand of Fatima, the hand of Mary and the hand of Miriam. The word “hamsa” probably came from the arabic word “khamsa”, which means “five” but also refers to the five fingers of the hand. The […]

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