Javi Wolf gives his client a beautiful and symbolic watercolor tattoo of a guitar with a treble clef

Wear a Piece of Living Art with a Javi Wolf Tattoo

Javi Wolf is a tattoo artist working out of Mexico City. He creates vibrant, colorful tattoos with an artistic watercolor style. Each of his tattoos focuses on a meaningful subject such as animals, musical instruments or symbols. One particular design style that has it’s own different and unique appeal is his technique of creating splashes […]

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Tattoo artist Deliperi creates a mind blowing optical illusion tattoo by simply warping a checker board

Let Yourself be Mesmerized by Pierluigi Deliperi’s Hypnotic Tattoos

Pierluigi Deliperi works out of the Tattoo Crew Production studio in Sardinia, Italy, specializing in mind-warping geometric tattoos. Many of his designs include optical illusions that appear to transform the shape of the human body; adding an extra dimension to the reality of the tattoo wearer’s skin. Using geometric shapes, such as checkers, cubes and repetitive […]

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Watch a Zombie Emerge from Living Human Flesh in this Tattoo Video

Tattoo artists Jeremiah Barba begins his tattoo process by drawing freehand on his client’s skin, bringing forth the undead from living flesh. This time-lapse video shows the entire tattoo process, as Barba adds shading, highlights and gory blood red ink to the design. Barba has a dark, organic tattoo style that lends itself well to […]

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Pietro Sedda gives this portrait tattoo a twisted and psychological edginess by warping the woman's face

Pietro Sedda’s Twisted Tattoos give a Warped Perspective of Humanity

Italian tattoo artist Pietro Sedda brings a strange new perspective to portrait tattoos by smearing the faces of his subjects across his human canvas. The result has a psychological element to it, and because of the realistic nature of the tattoos, a surrealist effect is created. The technique gives his portraits an inhuman appeal. The […]

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An abstract angel watches over this woman from within this watercolor tattoo by Petra

Petra’s Vibrant and Expressive Watercolor Tattoos

Petra Hlaváčková works in both fine art and body art, bringing her captivating watercolor style to both realms. Petra’s tattoos feature bold, lively lines filled with personality and poise, a design aspect that defines her work and makes her tattoos recognisable. Symbols of nature, religion, human inventiveness and emotions make up the central subjects of […]

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Watch Ondrash Tattoo a Watercolor Dragonfly

Ondřej Konupčík, aka Ondrash, is a tattoo artist from the Czech republic with an exceptionally artistic style. Ondrash starts with paper and paint, creating a watercolor painting based on his client’s wants. He then recreates the painting on skin, artistically rendering the painting on living flesh with a tattoo machine. The result is a colorful, […]

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A pomegranate is a powerful symbol of fertility and promise. This beautiful tattoo design comes out of Butterfat Studios.

Feel Feminine with these Floral Tattoos from Butterfat Studios

Esther and Stephanie from Butterfat Studios in Chicago, USA, are producing the loveliest feminine tattoos. While subjects like flowers and birds are generally expected in feminine tattoos, the ladies at Butterfat studios have taken female symbolism a step further, including bountiful displays of fresh produce, forest creatures and insects as  symbols of femininity, fertility and […]

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