Bu Shows Us Bamboo Handpoked Tattoos in this tattoo videos

Bu Shows Us Bamboo Tattoos

Tattoo artist Bu, from Siam Tattoo in Thailand, uses bamboo instead of a tattoo machine to create tattoos for his lucky clients. He makes a new needle for each client, which he allows his client to take home with them once their tattoo is completed – quite an original keepsake! Bu’s tattoos heal quickly and the […]

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Javi Wolf gives his client a beautiful and symbolic watercolor tattoo of a guitar with a treble clef

Wear a Piece of Living Art with a Javi Wolf Tattoo

Javi Wolf is a tattoo artist working out of Mexico City. He creates vibrant, colorful tattoos with an artistic watercolor style. Each of his tattoos focuses on a meaningful subject such as animals, musical instruments or symbols. One particular design style that has it’s own different and unique appeal is his technique of creating splashes […]

Mayhem & Muse