Hard-hitting Russian Prison Tattoos Documentary

Russian prisons put the “hard” into “hard time”. Over-population, power struggles and violence are an every day part of life in Russian prisons. Convicts have created a caste system; a hierarchy of leaders and lieutenants, followers and outcasts. To communicate their status to others, prisoners wear tattoos that reveal their rank, their crimes and their […]

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An alien skull comes alive with living alien eyes in this surrealist bio organic tattoo design by Csaba Müllner

Nadelwerk Tattoo Artists Create Mind-Blowing Surrealist Tattoos

Nadelwerk tattoo studio in Wels, Austria, houses two surrealist tattoo artists; Csaba Müllner and ZoZo, who combine photo realism and fantasy to create realistic yet bizarre surrealist tattoos. Many of the tattoos that hail from this tattoo parlour boast bold, bright colors and high contrast shades that make the realistic tattoos appear almost 3D. Photo realistic […]

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A stunning Jeff Gogue Art Deco tattoo of a pin up girl with flowers in her hair

Art Deco Tattoos give Body Art a Beautiful, Antique Flavor

Art Deco is an art movement that emerged in France in the 1920s. The style of Art Deco incorporates bold geometrical shapes, vivid colors and decorative ornamentation. The style was popular with poster artists and has become synonymous with absinthe, an hallucinogenic drink that was heavily advertised with beautiful Art Deco posters. Art Deco tattoos […]

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Tattoo artist Dodie adds spiritual symbolism to this tattoo of a deer by adding mandalas and feathers

Tattoo Artist Dodie Delights the Ladies with Lacey Animal Tattoos

French tattoo artist Dodie combines symbolic animal totems, lace patterns and even paisley designs with flowers, skulls, feathers and other organic elements to create artistic, meaningful tattoos. Dodie’s designs are very popular with women as they are feminine without being flimsy. Each of Dodie’s designs contains strong shapes, bold outlines and a careful attention to […]

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