This mandala tattoo is made up of individual circles which the tattoo artist has celeverly shaded with tiny dots

Inspiration and Ideas for Mandala Tattoos

A mandala, also known as “the flower of life” is a beautiful geometric design that is often given a deeper, spiritual meaning. Some mandalas resemble symmetrical flowers with patterned petals while others seem like the mad art of a mathematical genius on acid. Whichever form they come in, mandalas have a visual appeal that most […]

Mayhem & Muse
A horror bear gets a gory and colorful life on skin in this surrealist tattoo by Guil Zekri

Guil Zekri turns Fantasy into Realistic Tattoos

Isreali-born tattoo artist Guil Zekri has created his own style of tattooing by combining his art training in Paris with a love of surrealism and fantasy. While the effect of Zekri’s tattoos is realistic, the subject matter in his tattoos is out of this world. Bizarre creatures, humanoid figures and alienish biomechanical shapes combine to […]

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