Inspired by Salvador Dali, Carlox Angarita has created a surrealist tattoo of a human heart, eye and butterfly

Surrealism and Modern Media Fan Carlox Angarita becomes a Photo Realistic Tattoo Artist

Carlox Angarita was born and raised in Santander, Colombia. As a child he had a passion for video games and comic books; childhood pastimes that he expressed his love for by drawing fan art and creating his own characters. As he grew older he took to drawing portraits of the people around him; especially teachers […]

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This incredible tattoo of a bull across the shoulders shows off Peter Madsen's unique style and talent

Peter “Walrus” Madsen Breathes Modern Spiritualism into Tribal Tattoos

Every inch of Peter Madsen’s tattoos is crammed with spiritual patterns or symbolic imagery. As a whole, Madsen’s spiritual tattoo designs are intriguing and individualized. His bold yet highly detailed tattoos are designed to meet his client’s criteria, expressing the client’s spiritual beliefs through the medium of body art. Peter “Walrus” Madsen is inspired by […]

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Berlin artist Chaim Machlev creates an attractive design for maths buffs and engineers out of geometry

Chaim Machlev brings Spiritual Magic to Sacred Geometry Tattoos

Chaim Machlev is originally from Tel Aviv, Israel, but has lived in Berlin, Germany for so long that he now considers himself a “Berliner”. Machlev’s tattoo art focuses on sacred geometry, mandalas and nature symbols which he combines to create a spiritual, natural appeal. Each tattoo by Machlev exhibits a high quality of workmanship. From […]

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This geometric back tattoo by Gemma Pariente is both feminine and spiritual

Gemma Pariente gives Floral Tattoos a Paisley Spin

Gemma Pariente was grew up in Barcelona, Spain. From a young age her father inspired her to pursue her artistic talents until the young artist found the medium that she was the most comfortable with; tattooing. Pariente’s personal style bears no resemblance to the run-of-the-mill tattoo designs that many tattoo artists offer. Instead, the artist […]

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