This fantastic back tattoo by tattoo artist Kradmelder Dieter uses vein-like tree branches to reveal the form of a woman sitting and meditating

Mindful Tattoos for People Who Like to Meditate

Meditation is an inner work practice, in which a person sits or lies peacefully and calmly attempts to clear their mind. Meditators will sometimes chant a phrase aloud or in their minds, or focus on a particular breathing style. By focusing the mind on breathing or chanting, meditators can clear their minds of distracting thoughts […]

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José Audi’s Delicate Esoteria Tattoos Make Skin Magical

Brazilian street artist José Flavio Audi is mad about mandalas and other esoteric and spiritual designs. He uses mandalas, lotus flowers, jewels and sacred geometry throughout his art, including in his tattoo designs. Audi favours intricate, delicate patterns that are very flowing and organic in nature. His petals seem as soft as real flower petals, […]

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