A medieval fantasy jester gets an evil grin in this black and white tattoo by Robert Litcan

Photo Realistic Fantasy Tattoos by Robert Litcan

Robert Litcan is a tattoo artist based in Kilkenny, Ireland. Although Litcan produces tattoos in both color and black and white, the designs featured in this gallery are from his black ink collection. Robert Litcan ofen creates tattoo designs of mythological and fantasy characters like phoenix birds, fairies and dragons. Litcan has an eye for […]

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This stylish sunflower tattoo uses subdued colors but still apears fun and friendly

Stunning Sunflower Tattoos symbolize Happiness

The sunflower is one of the most recognizable sunflowers because its bright yellow shape is often depicted in children’s books and illustrations. This large, bright flower is a favorite decoration for household items because of its cheerful nature, and the same symbolism that makes it popular in the home is making it popular as a […]

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David Hale grows a tree from a human heart in this illustrative tattoo designDavid Hale grows a tree from a human heart in this illustrative tattoo design

David Hale Tattoos the Textures of his Imagination

Tattoo artist David Hale has appeared on Ratta Tattoo before in David Hale Tattoos his Illustrated Spirit. This artist is globally recognized for his unique art style and the exquisite attention to detail that he brings to his tattoo designs. Hale uses a number of illustration techniques to add texture to his tattoos. He uses […]

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This clever tattoo artist has added shadows to make this butterfly tattoo appear 3D

Inspiration and Ideas for Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos symbolize change, new beginnings and emergence. A butterfly tattoo is often chosen to visually represent a major life change, spiritual renewal or life-changing event such as becoming a parent or choosing a new career. For many people, butterfly tattoos aren’t just beautiful, they are also highly symbolic. This gallery shows a selection of […]

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The tattoo artist has perfectly recreated this lions confident gaze

Lion Tattoos that You can Wear with Pride

Lion tattoos symbolize pride, majesty and courage. The lion has been used in art for centuries as a powerful, masculine symbol and as a result, images of lions have found their way into modern tattoo art. The art medium may have changed, but the meaning of lions in art and tattoos has remained the same. […]

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