Berlin tattoo artist Mario Hartmann inks a photo realistic portrait of Jason from cult horror film Friday the 13th

Mario Hartmann’s Horror Tattoos will leave You Screaming for MORE

German tattoo artist Mario Hartmann has a talent for creating horror tattoos that glisten with all the gory blood, pus and rotting flesh¬†that will make horror fans swoon. Employing a photorealistic style, Hartmann offers his clients photo replicas of their favorite horror film characters, or lifelike renditions of imaginary horror characters such as zombies and […]

Using only black and red ink, tattoo artist Marco Galdo inks a back tattoo that is both and optical illusion and a fusion between spiritual art and graphic design

Love Your Life with a Geometric Tattoo by Marco Galdo

Marco Galdo is an Italian tattoo artist that designs individual tattoos for each of his clients. He refuses to do a tattoo design more than once, because he wants each design to be as unique as the person wearing it. Working out of his studio in Milan, Traffickers of Art, Galdo fuses tribal designs with […]

Mark Noel uses a dotwork tattoo style to create this paisley elephant chest tattoo

The Powerful Meaning of Elephant Tattoos

Tattoos of elephants symbolize a variety of things; depending on who you are and what type of elephant you are depicting. When choosing an elephant for your tattoo design, you have two options; an African elephant or an Asian elephant. African elephants have larger ears than Asian elephants, and are generally larger. In Africa, the […]

Watch this Artist Speed Draw a Pirate Tattoo Design

Watch this Artist Speed Draw a Pirate Tattoo Design

Dark Design Graphics shows us the artistic process that went into designing this pirate ship and mermaids tattoo. This is great inspiration for all artistic folks, not just tattoo artists. However, note how the artist is designing specifically for a tattoo; allowing the scene to contain areas of high contrast and smooth gradients so that […]

Stabbed with Ink: Slow Motion Tattoo Video Reveals All

Stabbed with Ink: Slow Motion Tattoo Video Reveals All

Tattoos have gotten a reputation for being a fun way to express yourself, but when the tattooing process is slowed down, as in this slow motion tattoo video, we can see how violent and invasive the process really is. The skin is literally being stabbed thousands of times in order to deliver the ink under […]

Art on the Body tattoo studio uses a traditional hand poking method to create this scandinavian dragon tattoo

The Vikings are Back, Thanks to These Danish Tattoo Artists

Art on the Body tattoo studio in Copenhagen, Denmark, offers traditional tattoos from the viking age and the bronze age. while they are also willing to create custom tattoos in tribal styles from other parts of the world, these talented tattoo artist focus chiefly on viking-age designs which are then tattooed with a viking-era method; […]

Cavan Infante creates a visual image for the insult Potty Mouth in this funny trash pop tattoo

Cheeky Trash Pop Tattoos by Cavan Infante

No Egrets Tattoo Studio in Tennessee, Ohio is home to a tattoo artist with a delightfully cheeky tattoo style. Cavan Infante, who is of the species¬†Frivolous Maximus, creates colorful pop art and comic book inspired tattoos, many of which have a naughty sense of humor or at the very least are non-comformist and humorously anarchistic. […]

Rico Zombie: The Man Who Turned Himself Into a Skeleton with Tattoos

Rico Zombie: The Man Who Turned Himself Into a Skeleton with Tattoos

Rick Genest, aka Rico Zombie, is a Canadian actor, model and performer who has turned his living skin into an artistic rendition of a skeleton in a celebration of death, the macabre and everything morose and depressing. It all began when Genest was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He spent 6 months in hospital, where […]

Clients show off their fun and funky palm tattoos by German tattoo artist Mark Halbstark

“My Tattoos Shall Be Fun” – Mark Halbstark

Berlin-based tattoo artist Mark Halbstark is unlike many other tattoo artists. Not only is his tattoo style unique to him, his methodology and idealism around creating tattoos is vastly different from the norm. Halbstark works by the simple formula; “What you give is what you get”, and works at creating body art works that are […]

A fantasy fox wears beautiful feathers in this meditative and peaceful tattoo by Supakitch

This is What Happens When a Street Artist Becomes a Tattoo Artist

French artist Supakitch is a multi-talented guy. Not only does he create street art murals, indoor wall murals and fine art for gallery sales; he also dabbles in painting other objects such as surfboards and furniture. To top it all off, he’s added tattooing to his list of creative skills, taking bookings through his website. […]