This adorable tattoo shows a rosy cheeked gnome on a swing

Gnomes can Live in Tattoos, Not Just in Gardens

In the late 1980s, a Spanish TV series erupted in popularity in America and was soon shown on children’s television shows around the world. The animation was David the Gnome, based on a book written by the Dutch author Wil Huygen and illustrated by the Dutch artist Rien Poortvliet. The series now has cult status […]

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Life and death are balanced in this black ink tattoo by master tattooist Kirk Nilsen

The Majestic Mandala Tattoos of New Jersey’s Kirk Nilsen

Kirk Nilsen was born in 1987 in the historical town of New Brunswick in New Jersey, USA. Nilsen has always been involved in creative pursuits, spending several years performing in international music acts and designing album covers for bands and record labels. He apprenticed himself to an older tattoo artist and began experimenting with dot […]

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Vitaly Morozov draws a stunning Goddess for this black and red tattoo design

A Reclusive Russian Tattoo Artist’s Stunning Sketches

Vitaly Morozov is a tattoo artist based in Moscow, Russia. He doesn’t make a lot of noise about himself online, obviously preferring to allow his work to speak for itself. And perhaps he has earned the right to remain silent, because his tattoo sketches and designs speak very loudly indeed. Morozov’s tattoo designs are packed […]

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This incredible chest tattoo by Rodrigo Kalaka is a beautifully executed pun on the name of the tiger moth

Rodrigo Kalaka puts a New Twist on Traditional Tattoos

I like the new styles of tattooing; dotwork, watercolor and sketch-styles that look like they’ve been drawn onto the skin rather indelibly than inked into it, but sometimes… Sometimes I hanker after something a little more old school, more traditional. Well. Lucky me, because¬†along came Kalaka with a whole new take on both old and […]

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This stunning photo realistic eye tattoo is by the Turkish tattoo artist Jefree Naderali

Turkish Tattoo Artist Inks Incredible Images

Jefree Naderali is a tattoo artist who lives in Taksim, in Instanbul, Turkey. He specializes in photo realistic tattoos that are simply breathtaking. There are many reasons why his tattoos are so exceptional – he is creating photorealism, which is pretty tricky, and he’s doing it on a small scale, and his gradients are smooth […]

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Katie Shocrylas' psychedelic tattoo of a deer features the animal posing with poppy flowers and magic mushrooms on a background of butterfly wings.

Kshocs’ Tattoos will Shock You with Their Awesomeness

Vancouver-based tattoo artist Katie Shocrylas also goes by the name Kshocs, which, obviously, is an abbreviation of her full name. Shocrylas has been featured in many tattoo blogs before, but her work is so extraordinary that I felt she is definitely worth a mention here on Ratta Tattoo. Katie Shocrylas works in a sketch and […]

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